Monday, April 23, 2018

Here we have Trump inspecting the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico. I chose this because he's wearing a jacket over his shirt that is sprawled open. Geometrically and visually, the arrangement is comparable to what we see on Doorman. It's from two different angles, one largely straight ahead, and the other from the side. 

How does it look? It looks exactly as we would expect it to look. We are seeing the same open sprawl from different angles- vastly different angles- and yet, we get the exact same impression, the exact same magnitude and manifestation of the sprawl. Study it, and then compare it to this:

So, there is this:

And this:
And this:
Anyone who claims that these are the same man wearing the same clothes on the same day is EVIL. They are Lucifer in the flesh. They are bloodied. They are wicked. And it is grossly apparent. It is such an outrageous lie- so obviously false- that only an evil punk could say it. 

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