Monday, April 23, 2018

Somebody actually claimed that the shooter can't be Bookhout because their chins don't match. But, the chin on the bottom right looks so irregular, you know it's got to be distorted. No one has a chin like that. It's a highly distorted image, and I have no doubt that it was deliberately distorted. 

So, you have to look past that. Those two bottom images match strikingly well. Look at how the whole head carriage and head balance is exactly the same. 

And, as a chiropractor, I can tell you that that is a very relaxed head balance. He's not tensing up there. But, if you look at Young Ruby above, he's got his head back and his chin up; it's a very stiff posture and very different from the relaxed posture of Bookhout. You see the same distance between the eyes and eye-brows between Bookhout and the Shooter. You get the same sense about the size and the shape of their eyes, and also the depth of their eyes. There is a big difference among people in how deep their eyes are, and Bookhout's eyes, in both images, are deeper than Ruby's. And look at the hair! Look how similar it is between them in every respect. This is Ruby at his trial which was in 1964, so just a few months after the assassination. 

Do you get it about how bald he was? And this picture just fell through the cracks. They mostly showed phony ones like this:

So, real:



Look at the hair of the two on the bottom:
It's the same guy. Stop fighting it. 

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