Tuesday, April 3, 2018

One of the corollaries of my assertion that FBI Agent James Bookhout was the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald is that a thorough cleansing of the photographs took place afterwards, vanishing Bookhout from the photographic record. Do you know how many images we have of him from the assassination? Zero. Even though he followed Oswald around like his shadow.
So, besides looking for images of Bookhout that may have escaped notice, I have also been looking for blatant examples of his photographic purging. And I think I found one. Take a look at this. A little to the right of center there is a white hat that is not connected to a body. It's just a hat in space. There is no body beneath it. It was put into the photo. And it was to cover up the face of James Bookhout.

So, it's Detective Elmer Boyd leading Oswald, and they are coming towards us. And behind Oswald is Detective Hall. And behind Hall is the man I believe was Bookhout. He's carrying a notebook, and it's known that Bookhout took notes during the Oswald interrogations, of which he attended all of them. He is the only one who did besides Fritz. And between interrogations, Bookhout followed Oswald around to his various doings.
If you look below the errant hat, you'll see the lapel of a jacket of a man going forward, following the others, and you'll see his notebook, which is held high in his flexed arm. That, I think, is James Bookhout, and the errant hat is perched right over his face. And you can see by the location of the hat that the man was short- and Bookhout was most definitely short. There are no other candidates in my horizon; just him, James W. Bookhout.
I consider this to be a glaring example of photographic manipulation, and it is one more confirmation that I am right, that James Bookhout was the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. However, I still think it was a ruse, and Oswald was killed afterwards. .

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