Friday, April 27, 2018

Here's a guy who made a critical comment to me on Facebook but wound up issuing a Like to my response. 
Gregory W. Moore IMHO, Neither one looks like the "classic Oswald"

Ralph Cinque Thoughts? Well, how about doing some thinking? You want "classic Oswald", do you? How about on a silver platter? How come you don't ask whether he looks like "classic Lovelady"? And then, why don't you put up the image of classic Lovelady that makes it for you? Do you understand that there are only two human beings on Earth that Doorman could be? So, it's not a matter of looking like classic anybody, but rather, whether the preponderance of visual data leans towards Oswawld or Lovelady. And it leans towards Oswald by a country mile, and that's considering both the man and his clothing. Those are my thoughts. .


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