Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Wizard has done it again. What a day he has had. 

You may know that it was the Wizard who correctly identified James Bookhout in the ROTC photo as the short chubby guy. This guy:

Well, what the Wizard has done is taken a known picture of Bookhout; this one:

and he superimposed the face from the above image onto the ROTC image. And it didn't hurt a thing. It looks about the same.

What the hell is the difference? There is none. That short pudgy ROTC guy was definitely James Bookhout. But now, look at this:

That was James Bookhout standing by the elevator with the three detectives shortly after the Oswald shooting.

I'm not telling you that that could be Bookhout, or that it might be Bookhout. I am telling you that that is Bookhout, and it's as certain as that it was Jesus Christ on the Cross. Now, if you can't accept that, you are not living in reality.  

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