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The Punk punctifies:

Strange that in all of the interviews given to the FBI by Bothello, he never mentioned that "fact".

Here is Oswald being marched out of the Texas Theater. The cop in the helmet behind Oswald is holding Oswald by the back of his shirt....

Interviews given to the FBI? I only know of an affidavit given to the Warren Commission. 

James Douglass wrote about Botelho in JFK and the Unspeakable, here cited by a guy who goes by MK ULTRA.



While reading "JFK and the Unspeakable" I was reminded of the story of
James Botelho:

"That Oswald was in fact a participant in a fake defector program was the
belief of James Botelho, his former roommate in Santa Ana. Botelho, who
later became a California judge, stated in an interview with Mark Lane
that Oswald's Communism was a pose. Botelho said: "I'm very conservative
now [in 1978] and I was at least as conservative at that time. Oswald was
not a Communist or a Marxist. If he was I would have taken violent action
against him and so would many of the other Marines in the unit. "
(James Botelho, interview by Mark Lane, cited by Jim Marrs, Crossfire: The
Plot That Killed Kennedy (New York: Carroll & Graff, 1 99 0 ) , p. 1 1 0 .
When I spoke with James Botelho by phone in June 2007 and read to him his
earlier statements on Oswald now cited in this text, he confirmed their
accuracy. He added, "I still feel that way [that Oswald was on an
assignment in Russia for American intelligence) . " Botelho said he liked
Oswald: " He was the best roommate I ever had. He pretty much let me
alone. He was quiet. We both liked classical music . " So far as Oswald's
being violent, Botelho said, " He didn't like violence. The thought of it
repulsed him. He wasn't afraid of it. He just thought of it as being
primitive. He wouldn't do to others what he didn't like done to him. "
Author's interview of James Anthony Botelho, June 1 6 , 2007.)
Judge Botelho said Oswald's " defection " was nothing but a U.S.
intelligence ploy: "I knew Oswald was not a Communist and was, in fact,
anti Soviet. Then, when no real investigation occurred at the base [after
Oswald's presence in the Soviet Union was made public] , 1 was sure that
Oswald was on an intelligence assignment in Russia . . . Two civilians
dropped in [at Santa Ana] , asked a few questions, took no written
statements, and recorded no interviews with witnesses. It was the most
casual of investigations. It was a cover-investigation so that it could be
said there had been an investigation . . . Oswald, it was said, was the
only Marine ever to defect from his country to another country, a
Communist country, during peacetime. That was a major event. When the
Marine Corps and American intelligence decided not to probe the reasons
for the 'defection,' I knew then what I know now: Oswald was on an
assignment in Russia for American intelligence."
The following document was given to me by John Armstrong. It's somebody's notes from an interview of Botelho, but I don't know who the interviewer was.

Now, let's talk about the vee in Oswald's t-shirt, which is seen in many photos.

The Punk says that it's due to the struggle in the theater; that the t-shirt got stretched instantly. But, that's ridiculous because a sudden force would just have torn it, and the energy would have gone into tearing it. 

But, note that we don't know that any force was applied to the front of Oswald's t-shirt at all. 

The Punk points to this picture and says that the cop in back is pulling on Oswald's shirt.

If he is, that couldn't stretch the opening in front. You'd have to pull on the opening in front to stretch it there. No damage to the material in front is being done from what we see above. 

Take a close look at his t-shirt. Notice there is some tearing over the left shoulder, but that looks like spontaneous wear and tear. It's obviously a very old t-shirt, and that is NOT the kind of tearing that results from sudden force. But, notice how crinkly and curvy the front margin of the collar is. Somebody had to grab it there, but there is no evidence that the Dallas Police ever grabbed it there. Oswald grabbed it there. They NEVER grabbed Oswald like that, and they never claimed to. It was Oswald's habit to tug on his shirt there. He's the one who did it- over time. It wasn't done by the police. 

No one has ever claimed that the Dallas Police ever grabbed Oswald like this:

And that's what it would take to deform the front collar. But even then, I don't know that it would be enough to do this:

But regardless, it didn't happen. They never grabbed him like that. And therefore, there is no reason to think that any damage was done to the front collar of Oswald's t-shirt by the altercation at the theater. 

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