Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ralph Cinque Oswald spent three years living and working in Russia- at a radio factory. Then, he comes back here, and he knows no one except his brother and his mother. He starts rotating among odd jobs at grunt labor, but he and Marina get involved with the White Russian community in Dallas, including George DeMohresnschildt. So, no claimed mobster connections for him in Dallas. Then he goes to New Orleans by bus in late April 1963. He certainly did not know any mobsters before going there. He gets a job at a coffee company. And you think that in those short months before the assassination that he got involved with mobsters? Why did he get involved with them? And why would they get involved with him? What could he possibly do for them? And what could they possibly do for him? Dave O'Brien, you live in a fantasy world. You are so far out there, the moon was just the first stop for you. I detailed to you why you are wrong about Jack Ruby's mobster ties. And it's the same for Oswald. Marina said herself that he worked his job and then came home at night. He spent evenings and weekends with her and June. Stop with your childish imagination, Dave. You are living in a dream world.

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