Saturday, April 21, 2018

To my enemies, let's understand something. I've shown you this image, showing that the hair of the Garage Shooter, in the only image we have of him with his hat off, is irreconcilable with the hair of Jack Ruby, who had very little hair on top despite a dogged effort to alter photos to conceal that fact.

This is a gif of Jack Ruby from 1960 which was 3 years before the assassination, and if you look closely, you can see that even in 1960, Jack Ruby had very sparse hair on top. 
So, that settles it: in the one image of the Garage Shooter without his hat, his hair alone establishes that he was not Jack Ruby. 

That footage only came to light last year, and oh did they make a mistake releasing it. They gave away the farm. The gig is truly up.

And, the point is, that you can't take the 5th on this, by saying nothing, and wait for me to move on to something else for which you think you have a rejoinder. Your silence on this is a tacit admission that I am right. You're admitting that even you can see that that guy by the elevator with the detectives isn't Jack Ruby. And that means that it's over. It's checkmate. There is no salvaging the story of Ruby shooting Oswald. It didn't happen. And the Machiavellian malfeasance of it all is truly staggering and breathtaking to behold. How could this happen in the United States of America? 

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