Friday, April 20, 2018

Dave O'Brien Jack Ruby's phone records showed almost 200 contacts with mob types who were under surveillance by the Justice Department, including escalating incoming and outgoing phone calls with gangsters as Nov. 22 approached. Just a coincidence I suppose! Also, Ruby was good friends with Dallas mobster Joe Campisi, who became the top mafia boss in Dallas in 1973. The night before the assassination, the Warren Commission established that Ruby had dinner at the Egyptian Lounge, which was owned by Campisi. And if you don't think that establishes a mob connection, according to Dallas police records, Campisi was one of few people who visited Ruby in jail within a week of him shooting Oswald. I prefer facts, not fiction.
Ralph Cinque 200? The HSCA only found 3 suspicious calls. One was to Irwin Weinar, a Chicago bail bondsmen who often provided services to mobsters. He was a friend of Ruby's brother Earl, and Earl got Ruby to call him about his union problems. The second was to Nocio Pecora in New Orleans who was in the Marcello mob. But, Ruby called him to reach someone else, Harold Tannenbaum, and it concerned him bringing Jada, his star stripper, from New Orleans to Dallas. The third was to Robert Baker, who worked with Jimmy Hoffa, but Ruby called him also with questions about his labor union problems. And that's it. Now, if you think there were 197 more, then you provide documentary proof and details about each one. Until then, you can shove those 197 up your ass. The Egyptian Lounge was a well known restaurant in Dallas. It was a place you could go for a meal late at night, which Ruby often did. Claiming that Ruby's patronage of the Egyptian Lounge means that he was involved with mobsters is utterly stupid. Joseph Campisi owned the Egyptian Lounge, and I'm sure Ruby knew him, but so what? No, I don't think that establishes the Jack Ruby was a mobster. Fiction is what your entire story is. You are completely and totally full of shit. Now, you get busy detailing those other 197 calls.

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