Monday, April 9, 2018

I have made a further revision to the Overview page in the part attributed to Jim Fetzer. 

This is from Joe Molina's testimony to Joseph Ball:

Mr. BALL. Did you go out on the street to see the motorcade?
Mr. MOLINA. Yes. I was standing on the front steps.
Mr. BALL. With whom?
Mr. MOLINA. Right next left of me was Mr. Williams and close to there was Mrs. Sanders.
Mr. BALL. Pauline Sanders.
Mr. MOLINA. Yes. 

So, why didn't Joseph Ball ask Joe Molina about Doorman? Ball asked Frazier. He asked Arce. He asked Lovelady himself though only indirectly. With Lovelady, he never pointed to Doorman and asked "Who's he?" But, with Joe Molina, Joseph Ball didn't bring it up at all. Not even after he heard that he was on the front steps. There has got to be a reason for that. And the reason is that he did not have a deal with Molina. He didn't have an arrangement that he would do his job for the company, and I don't mean the TSBD. 

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