Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ted Rubinstein Are you buying into the Ralph Cinque story?
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Ralph Cinque The Ralph Cinque story? The Ralph Cinque story is that Jack Ruby was innocent. I have pointed out that the Garage Shooter (whose face is barely visible in the garage, and not by accident) doesn't match Ruby. The GS is too short; too chubby; his hair isn't right, and even his clothes aren't right. Ruby wore black socks, and in the Jackson photo, you can see light socks on the shooter. But, we do have one, and only one, image of the shooter's face. It's not from the garage but from the 3rd floor by the elevator shortly afterwards. And that image matches VERY WELL to young James Bookhout, and it does not match to Jack Ruby. For one thing, the shooter has too much hair. Are you aware of how little hair Ruby had? Are you aware that a diabolical plot followed in which they misrepresented and falsified his hair, and to comic proportions? The hair alone proves that the Garage Shooter could not be Jack Ruby. In the collage below, the image on the left is Jack Ruby on 11/24. I believe his hair was enhanced in it. I don't believe his strands were as thick and long as we see there. But, the bottom image is from his trial several months later. The image on the right is the one and only frontal image of the Garage Shooter's face. His hair alone tells you that he is not Jack Ruby.Manage

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