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Now, let's return to the photo with the errant hat. There's something that has been overlooked, and it concerns the "story" of the photo. You do realize, I hope, that the photo has a very explicit story. Homicide detectives are leading Oswald out of Fritz' office. They must have just completed the first interrogation. We know all the figures are in the photo except for the cop in uniform on the far right. I am baffled by him because his hat is black, and most of the Dallas Police wore white hats. But, almost everyone else is identified: from left to right, Curry, Oswald, Boyd in the lead, then Hall behind Oswald, Bookhout behind Hall, and Fritz the farthest back. So, if you assume that there was a man underneath that hat, then he HAD to be one of Fritz' men. They are the only ones who wore the white Stetson hats. And that is a very finite group of men. 

So, if you are going to claim the hat is real, that it is atop a detective's head, don't you have to name the detective. 

This website lists Fritz' men. I think it's by Denis Morrissette.


So, you had Adamcik, Baker, Beck, Bohart, Boyd, Brown, Dhority, Graves, Hall, Johnson, Leavelle, Montgomery, Moore, Potts, Rose, Sekel, Sims, Stovall, Turner, and Wells. 

Hmm. That's a lot of homicide detectives. They must have had a lot of murders in Dallas in those days. OK, so who do you think the short guy is? Go through the list. There are photos. 

But, the other problem is the circumstantial one. It's not as though that guy could be any of them. Some of them were known to be elsewhere at this time. This was 4:00 on Friday. Fritz sent some of his men out to Irving. Some were sent to Oswald's room on Beckley. And some were doing other things in other places. 

Since this looks very much like the group that attended the interrogation, maybe we should look at who was there. In his testimony, Fritz said that Boyd and Sims were there, and "probably one or two officers from the office. I'm not sure."

Well regardless, the Stetson hatters were Fritz' men, So, if you think that hat was there sitting atop a man's head, then you have an obligation to name the man. And if you have to say it's either him or him, then say it.

Now, look at this photo:

His head is bent a lot, but we can still see his chin. So, the hat is not pitched as much as this: 

Let's look at the other photo large:

So, that is a staged photo. They are posing. They are putting on airs for the picture. And they are perfectly still. They are not walking. Now, focus on the man one in from the left. That's the one from before. Now, imagine that they all start walking forward. What's he going to do as he begins to walk forward? He is going to lift his head. Why? So, that he can see. Don't people like to see where they are going? He wouldn't walk in the position we see him there. 

But,in the other picture, they ARE walking, and the man has his head bent father forward than this man does above.

Who would walk like that? Nobody would. And certainly not a homicide detective. What reason did he have to hide his face? And look how short he is. None of Fritz' men were that short. You can't name him. You couldn't name him if you tried.

The hat is fake. It was put into the picture. There is not the slightest integration of that hat within the picture. 

The hat is not connected to the shoulder behind. That shoulder is too far back to go with that hat. Besides, it's obvious that those shoulders are just as straight and vertical as Hall's. He's not leaning forward. If a person was going to lean forward, they wouldn't just bend their head at the neck and leave everything else upright. They'd flex the spine too below the neck. They'd be leaning with their whole upper body. They wouldn't stand straight and just try to lower the head. As straight as that guy in back with the notebook is standing, he couldn't bend his neck enough to get the hat that low. There is no connection between those two. That hat is not his.

So, they faked the photo. It wasn't the first time. Every Oswald defender (except James Norwood) admits that innocent Oswald did not pose with the murder weapon. Therefore, this photo MUST be fake.

If they could put a face into a photo, why couldn't they put a hat? They could. They would. And they did. 

So, why don't you assume that the same people who faked the photo above faked the photo below? That's what I do. It works for  me.

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