Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Oswald story in the JFK assassination is pretty scary in itself; the idea that the Vice President of the United States could be directly involved in killing the President; and that the former director of the CIA, who plotted and planned the attack, could become the de facto head of the investigation to condemn and vilify the patsy.

But, when you add the Jack Ruby story to the JFK assassination, that Ruby also was a patsy; framed, innocent, but also mentally deranged so that he could be taken advantage of in a way that they could not take advantage of Oswald. Oswald had his wits about him, and he resisted. He pushed back pretty damn hard. But, Jack Ruby didn't push back at all, and it's because he was doped on drugs and mentally deranged. 

Not enough people talk about Jack Ruby's mental incapacity. Not enough people talk about his extreme and pathological devotion to the Dallas Police. You've heard of people being groupies to rock stars and professional athletes. But, to the police? But yes, that is what Jack Ruby was: an adoring devotee to the Dallas Police.

Ruby had no memory of shooting Oswald. He didn't know that he did it until the Dallas Police told him that he did- on the 5th floor. He had no motive to shoot Oswald. The whole idea that he was aching to the point of insanity over Kennedy is a gross exaggeration. What he did that weekend after the Kennedy shooting is spend time with his sister Eva and tend to his business. He closed his clubs, out of respect, but he was already planning their reopening. The idea that he conjured up thoughts of hurting Oswald are a fabrication. On the Friday night, when he went to the PD to deliver sandwiches either to the detectives or to the radio crew, he ran into a guy he knew on the elevator, and he made a joke, "Hey Hanson, they arrest you yet?" What does that tell you?

But, getting back to his mental incapacity, why would the killers of President Kennedy want to include in the plot a guy who was mentally deranged? What did they need Jack Ruby to do that someone else couldn't do? Why would they involve him? Why would they tell him about it? Whose idea was it to bring Ruby into it? How could they possibly trust Jack Ruby? This idea is just as stupid as the one that they would have chosen Oswald, a guy who couldn't hit a rabbit with a shotgun, to be their assassin. 

But, the Jack Ruby story, that he was framed and innocent, takes the whole JFK assassination story up to an even more frightening level. That's because the Dallas Police didn't just frame Ruby. Oswald really did wind up dead. So, the Dallas Police must have killed him. So now, we have, as killers, the Vice President of the United States, the former longtime director of the CIA and others in the CIA, the Dallas Police Department, and the FBI, going all the way up to J. Edgar Hoover. And actually, I should say that going down from Hoover because he gave the orders. All these people were involved, at the level of murder: multiple murders; a killing spree over 3 days time. 

We are talking about the citadel of power in this country, both federally and locally, doing it: doing it to Kennedy; doing it to Oswald: doing it to Tippit; doing it to Ruby; and doing it to every one of the American people and destroying everything the American republic has stood for nearly 200 years- in one bloodied weekend. 

And that's why I say to you that when you add the truth about Jack Ruby, when you pierce through the web of lies, you get to the frightening truth that what happened the third weekend of November in 1963 was equivalent to the Bolsheviks slaughtering the Romanov family on July 16, 1918 to consolidate their power, with the Soviets lying about it for 75 years. But, their lies did not endure did they? The truth came out, didn't it? And the truth will come out here. It can't be stopped because the facts, and the evidence of the facts, cannot be destroyed. They are not going away. The official story of the JFK assassination and the Oswald assassination is hopeless. It is hemorrhaging.

Unless you learn the truth about Jack Ruby, that he was innocent, you are stumbling around blind, and you will accomplish no good whatsoever. It's time to get over the inertia and the group-think. Oswald and Ruby were both framed and innocent. And for what they did to Jack Ruby, they might as well have killed him on November 24, 1963.    


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