Friday, April 6, 2018

So, where was Jim Murray's film developed? Black Star Photo Service didn't have an office in Dallas. They were located in New York. So, did he take it or send it to New York or did he get it developed somewhere in Dallas? And look at the exclusivity of this image:

Whoever took it was allowed very close proximity to Oswald, and a very front-and-center position, in which no other photographer could have had such an advantageous position. How did Jim Murray wind up there? He wasn't even supposed to be working that day. He started in Dealey Plaza, and he is said to have taken the most post-assassination photos in Dealey Plaza. Then he went to Parkland Hospital. And then he went to the Dallas PD. Did he also go to the Texas Theater? I do not know.

But, I am trying to figure out the chain of custody of this photo to determine when and where it was altered and who put that hat over Boohout's face. Was it done under Black Star's providence? Or, just as all amateur photographers and filmers in Dealey Plaza were asked to turn their films over to law enforcement, was the same true of professional photographers? Because just consider: James Altgens, who worked for the AP, his photo got altered; Robert Jackson, who worked for the Dallas Times Herald, his photo got altered, and this photo by Jim Murray who worked for Black Star Photo Service, his photo got altered. There had to be a central control for all this photo altering. 

And, why is this excellent image of Oswald so rarely seen? I found this photo on the Prayermanite website, and I have seen it nowhere else. If you do a search for Oswald images on Google, Corbis, Getty, etc. you don't find this image. Why is it so rarely seen? 

I'll point out that there are other rare photos that the freakin' Prayermanites manage to have. Now, why is that? I'll state again that I think the Prayermanites are connected. I think Prayer Man campaign is an organized effort to distract from the real Oswald in the doorway: the Altgens doorway. They are such a devious and dishonest bunch. Look what they did to the image of Billy Lovelady, changing it from this:

to this:

They gave him long sleeves! Greg Parker, I despise you. 

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