Saturday, April 7, 2018

I cropped this image to see it better, and there is absolutely no doubt that that hat was added to the picture, and I am just waiting to see if any of the bastards who have been fighting me will dare claim that it is legitimate. There are five men in this image, and they are all walking THE SAME DIRECTION: towards us. They are: Detective Boyd, Oswald, Detective Hall, the man with the notebook, and Captain Fritz, who is behind him. That's 5, all walking the same direction, out of the Homicide office. The very idea that there would be a sixth man, sandwiched within them, who is walking the opposite direction is preposterous. How could he do it? There is movement going on there. They are all going forward. The man in the low hat (if there were one) would be colliding smack into Notebook Man. Plus, his back and his left shoulder would be covering up Notebook Man, and we wouldn't even see his notebook. There is nothing to that other guy except a hat- a lone, disassociated hat.  

So, here's the situation: This IS a bogus image. That simply can't be denied. It means fraud. It means obstruction of justice. And it's obvious that the face of Notebook Man is what they sought to cover. You realize that, officially, we have NO images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination or the Oswald assassination. We have no images of James Bookhout- except for some yearbook photos from when he was young. But, it is impossible to accept that a man who was following Oswald around like his shadow never got imaged that weekend. So, why are there no images of James Bookhout? It's because of images like this in which he was taken out of an image.  And, who knows how many times they did it.   

The point is that there is NO rationalization for this. There is no talking point for it. There is no way to keep pretending to defend the official story after seeing this. It's over. They have been caught red-handed.  THE REASON WE DON'T SEE JAMES BOOKHOUT IN THE IMAGES IS BECAUSE HE WAS REMOVED FROM THE IMAGES FOR HAVING MASQUERADED AS JACK RUBY IN THE GARAGE. 

The reason James Bookhout kept such a low profile FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE is because his identical likeness to the Garage Shooter had to be hidden. That's why you had James Hosty writing a book, going on the talk show circuit, appearing at the mock trial, etc. but not James Bookhout. Just think: James Bookhout spent more time with Oswald than anybody. And I do mean anybody in the last two days of Oswald's life. So who better was there to write a book? Imagine how he could have cashed in. James Bookhout is the only person that Oswald initiated a conversation with in the hallway. Of course, that isn't admitted or acknowledged. But, it was right before the 6:30 PM interrogation on Saturday outside the Homicide Bureau on the 3rd floor, and there is no one else that figure could be except James Bookhout. Oswald got to know Bookhout so well, he felt comfortable engaging him in conversation in the hall. Do you understand how singular that is? Lee Harvey Oswald developed more rapport with James Bookhout than anyone else in the case. 

But, Bookhout didn't write a book. Bookhout lived in seclusion- for the rest of his life. He didn't even allow an image of himself to be included in his obituary. 

This photo is a smoking gun, and the other side can't recover from it; they're finished; they're through.

And anyone, after seeing this, who continues to defend the official story of the Oswald shooting (that Jack Ruby did it) is simply a blithering idiot of the worst (lowest) possible order.  

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