Sunday, April 1, 2018

The case against Lee Harvey Oswald is a joke. It has reached the point of being like the Emperor with no clothes. This is from Amy Joyce:

Ralph, I thought you might like this in case you didn't see it yet.  It's a photo of a Carcano when disassembled.  Notice how long it still is as well as the various parts that would have clanked around if in that bag.  No way was a rifle was carried into the TSBD in that bag!  I always assumed that when apart the wooden base came in different pieces. No so.

Ralph Cinque:

Amy, it wasn't even a paper bag; it was just paper and tape. So, all those jagged parts were wrapped in paper and taped, and Oswald, being a neat-freak, actually removed them from the paper and kept the bag intact. Most people, if it was just paper to begin with, would tear right through it. They would open it the way a kid opens a Christmas present. But not Oswald. Oh no. Waste not, want not. This was the condition of his taped paper after using it to carry those parts:

Oh, that Oswald could do wonders with paper and tape, couldn't he? He couldn't drive a car, but he could sling a roll of tape. 

And get this: he assembled the rifle using a dime as a screwdriver. Imagine, all these parts put together with a dime.

He didn't have a table or a work bench or a light. He just neatly removed all the parts from the taped paper and started assembling the rifle. Think about how brazen it was. Think about how anybody could have gone up there to watch the motorcade from the 6th floor window. Think about how somebody did: Bonnie Ray Williams. 

Bonnie Ray, upon the 6th floor, he had his chicken; he had his Dr. Pepper; but he did not have Lee Harvey Oswald assembling a rifle with a dime. 

I gotta tell you that I am sick of it: the lies; the disgusting despicable lies; and the disgusting despicable people who tell the lies and defend the lies. You have got to be a complete utter moron to think there is any chance the Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy. He was innocent. Completely and totally innocent. He didn't shoot Kennedy; he didn't open any doors; he wasn't cued in. He had nothing whatsoever to do with it. And Jack Ruby had nothing whatsoever to do with shooting him. 

I tell you: it's time. It's time for the reckoning. It's time for justice. It is time for the lies to stop. 

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