Monday, April 2, 2018

I went ahead and added an image of Napoleon to the OIC website as part of the explanation of why the white blotch really is just a white blotch. 

First, you need to know that that is not a legitimate image. It is a photoshopped image. And I am using the word photoshopped generically. I have a non-digital image of the Altgens photo. It's in the October 1964 LIFE magazine, and it even has a blowup of the doorway. The "white blotch" as I call it (in the center) was here made to look like an elbow, like the guy was visoring his eyes. It has no such form in the magazine. It just looks like a totally amorphous white blotch. Somebody put a dab of the photographic equivalent of Wite-out there. Then later, it was converted into an elbow. But that is NOT an elbow. That man has got both arms going across his chest. So unless, he had three arms, he could not have been visoring his eyes. You see his left hand and wrist, don't you? What do you think that hand is doing? It is grabbing his right elbow. As I said, he's got both arms crossing his chest. Nobody would just hold one arm across his chest. That's laborious. The whole idea is to create a sling-like effect, where each arm is supporting the other like two kids balanced on a see-saw. The only guy who did it with one arm was Napoleon, and he stuffed his hand in his shirt rather than hold it up.

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