Sunday, April 22, 2018

This is Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game, probably taken 20 minutes apart. I want you to see how the same man on the same day 20 minutes apart looks. It is totally what we expect. 

Same man. Same clothes. Normal. The lighting is different and the zoom is different, but it's obviously the same man wearing the same clothes. And again: it is exactly what we expect. The degree of likeness of the man and his clothes is exactly what we expect. But then, there's this:

Why should be accept this as the same man in the same clothes 20 minutes later? We shouldn't accept it. We mustn't accept it. We don't accept it. It would be insane to accept it. And it's only within the JFK assassination that we are expected to accept such bizarre things. And, it's because the JFK assassination is a Bizarro World. It's a freak world. It's the Twilight Zone.  And the evil blatant corruption of it is starkly visible for all to see. 

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