Sunday, April 1, 2018

This is an interesting new collage by the Wizard comparing the hair in back on the Garage Shooter, Ruby, and the Ruby impostor at the DPD on Saturday. You can see how different they are. 

Here is how the Wizard wrote it up:

"I had a chat with a hairdresser yesterday and showed her the pictures of the rear hairline of the garage shooter, along with those of Ruby after his "arrest" and Corridor Ruby, without telling her the context. She said that the guy in the hat was obviously a different person and that the other two might or might not be the same person. I mentioned Don Fox's suggestion that one of Ruby's dancers might have cut his hair, and she said that it looked as if Corridor (Saturday) Ruby had cut it himself (the Sunday Ruby footage is a bit blurred.) She said that in the Corridor Ruby photo it looked as if somebody had used the electric clippers in a clumsy manner and created two horizontal creases in his hair a few inches above the hairline. She could not say for certain that the guy in the hat was wearing a wig but did acknowledge that the hair looked "weird", particularly for the Sixties, once I had told her the date."

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