Monday, January 4, 2016

Backes, I am not going to debate with you whether David Von Pein uploaded the 3 Shots movie to Youtube legally or illegally. 

Whether it is legal or illegal, he did it, and it's been there for years. I'm not interested in the legality of it. I am only interested in the fact of it.

And the version of 3 Shots that he is showing is NOT the same as the original version of 3 Shots including the version that I have. It does not look like this:

Anyone can confirm that by going to the film that David Von Pein posted and watching the clip there. It's at 38 minutes and 20 seconds:

The History Channel went back and shortened that clip. They also sped it up, blurred it up, and slimmed up Lovelady. This is how it is now:

You see the time: 38:22. So, anyone can check in this link:

And I didn't do anything to it. I just cut and pasted it. But, here is how he used to look:

I didn't make the above image, and I didn't do anything to it. And the other one appears in the film exactly as I presented it. Just go to 38:22 and see for yourself.

Let's see you capture the frame from 38:22 and post it, Backes. See if you get something other than this:

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