Monday, January 4, 2016

That Idiot Backes. He puts up different "versions" of Whistler's Mother which only differ in the color tints. Otherwise, they are exactly the same. 

But, color isn't even an issue in what we're talking about with Lovelady in the squad room because it's a black and white film. 

See how they darkened this one? What were they trying to hide!

And they put that curtain in there so that we 
wouldn't see Oswald in the doorway

What does that have to do with this?

The image on the left was deliberately manipulated to slim him down. I didn't make the image on the right. I didn't do anything to it. That is way it came. But, they realized afterwards that nobody would have mistaken that bulky guy for skinny Oswald.

How could they be mistaken for each other, in the doorway or anywhere else? Could Laurel be mistaken for Hardy?

So, they fixed it. I'm not suggesting that they did it. I'm telling you that they did it because there is no doubt that they did it.

You, Backes, are just a blithering idiot. Now, I have to install a new OIC member, our first of the new year.  

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