Sunday, January 3, 2016

Backes, your speculations about the sources of the frames is nothing but stupid blather. And nothing you say can change the fact that in one, he has his whole forearm on the table, and in the other, it's just his elbow that is resting on the table. 

He's got this massive forearm on the left which is resting on the table. He's got this puny forearm on the right which is mostly hanging over the table, with just his elbow resting on it. Technobabble is not going to help you here. What you have to claim, and it's like your only move in chess, where if you don't make it to protect your King, you lose, is to claim that in the tiny time interval between those two, that Lovelady moved; he shifted; he repositioned his arm. That's it! You have no other recourse to explain this. 

But, it still doesn't get you out of check because if you watch this clip, you'll see that Lovelady NEVER moves. He is stiff as a statue.

So, you can't claim he moves because he doesn't. And that means you just plain lose. There are no talking points to get you out of this. They are different men doing different things. They are two different and disparate versions of the same bogus event: Lovelady in the squad room. He was not in the squad room, and he never claimed that he was in the squad room. 

Lovelady lived for just a little more than 15 years after the assassination. The assassination was in late November 1963, and he died in January 1979. So, he essentially lived 15 years. But, don't you think that at some point in those 15 years he would have talked about it if he had this experience with Oswald in the squad room? Don't you think he would have mentioned it to somebody? He apparently didn't even mention it to his own chatty wife. The reason is: HE WAS NEVER THERE!   

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