Sunday, January 3, 2016

No, Jerry. You're the one who is living in mental delusion not me. I've got over 60 people who have put their name next to mine, including another longtime member of this board, Michael Capasse.

Mark Lane published this tri-collage of Oswald, Doorman and HIS image of Lovelady in 1966 in Rush to Judgment, for his chapter: The Man in the Doorway.

David Wrone also had a chapter about it in his book, from 2003.

Fast-forward to Christmas Day 2012, and Dr. Gerald Mcknight said on national television that "Oswald was the Man in the Doorway."

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera did a magnificent study in which he made image overlays, using advanced software, which prove visibly and vividly, that Doorman was Oswald.

So, you think we're all having "mental breakdowns", huh? You're OK; but all of us are crazy? Jerry, you are not fit to wipe the boots of any of these men. YOU are the deluded one. Oswald was Doorman, and that fact cannot and will not be buried any longer. The word is out. Oswald in the doorway is back, and back for good. Stop the lies, Jerry. Oswald was outside. 

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