Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dave Evans Marina was just a kid terrified of what the US Government could do to her. Experienced in living under an authoritarian government and being treated much like she would expect to be treated in the USSR under similar circumstances, she reacted just as she would've in the USSR and that would mean telling them what they wanted to hear. As far as she knew she and her babies could be "disappeared", deported back to Russia, imprisoned and her kids taken from her, all sorts of scary, awful things could be in store unless she "cooperated". So she cooperated. Who among us could've done any better under those circumstances?
Ralph Cinque No. I don't think so. It wasn't as simple as that. That's pretty sinister, but I think it was much more sinister than that. I think that during those two months of captivity, when Marina was a captive, imprisoned at the Six Flags Hotel, under supervision 24/7, that she was worked on, psychologically. In fact, I need to find out what doctors she saw. I'm sure they told her that she was in shock, that her mind was protectively burying certain memories that they were going to help her recall. I seriously suspect that they used MK-ULTRA methods on her, and it may have even included drugs. In David Talbot';s wonderful book, The Devil's Chessboard, he has a whole chapter on Allen Dulles' MK-UlLTRA program, where the research was done, the doctors who were involved, the drugs they used (LSD and mescaline, to name two) and the other techniques such as electro-shock treatments, insulin shock treatments, and more. What was done to Marina? Something was done to her because she came out of that thing like a Stepford Wife.

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