Sunday, January 3, 2016

Another thing: on the left, he's got his whole beefy, meaty forearm resting on the table. On the right, his puny forearm is hanging over the table, and only his elbow is resting on it.

But. it's supposed to be the same situation, the same circumstance, the same happening, and pretty much the same moment. So, how can there be such disparity? 

Look at it again: I drew a white line showing the margin of the table in each picture.

On the left is whole forearm is resting on the table. Only his hand extends beyond it. But, in the other, just his elbow is on the table, and his forearm is suspended over the edge. It's the same time. 

I tell you, they really blew it when they decided to fake this AGAIN, to do it more than once. It was really brazen, really reckless, and terribly arrogant to think they could get away with it. How can you possibly match every detail, such as this one? And didn't they think anyone would notice that it's a different man?

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