Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hmm. Traffic has really jumped on the OIC Facebook page.

188 people? Wow. That's impressive. And I am batting over 100 per post consistently lately. 

It's a new year, a time for hope, optimism, and great expectations, that is exactly how we see it at the Oswald Innocence Campaign.
We had a great year in 2015. We attracted new members, rising, for the first time, above 60. We got some pivotal work done, the most crucial being done by our chairman Larry Rivera in creating facial overlays of Doorman, Oswald, and Lovelady which visibly and emphatically prove that Doorman's face is Oswald's. Oswald was in the doorway during th...
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Oswald Innocence Campaign
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Patrick Jackson sent me this video of Billy Lovelady's 1976 HSCA interview by Ken Brooten. So, you could say that Brooten did informally depose Lovelady.
And in it, Lovelady said nothing about seeing Oswald at the PD. Brooten asked him specifically: when was the last time you saw Oswald? And Lovelady said at 11:50 when they broke for lunch.
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I wrote a piece comparing Oswald to a homegrown sniper that we had here in Austin, Texas where I live: Charles Whitman. He was as horrific as they come. It was in 1966 that he killed 16, including his wife and his mother, and wounded 32 more. His wife and mother he stabbed to death in their sleep, but the rest he killed with a high-powered rifle from the top of the UT Tower where I have been. And believe me, going up there today entails the same kind of security that they hav...
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