Saturday, January 9, 2016

The close-up of Oswald right before he was shot is actually one of the better close-ups that we have of his face, and the angle is very similar to that of Doorman. 

So, let's compare him to Doorman. 

Well, I've got to say that this demonstrates that I am right: that they moved the top part of Billy Lovelady's head over to Oswald to turn him into Lovelady because the difference, not just in the hairline, but in the shape of the forehead and the whole top of the head is striking. However, just look at how well the rest of them matches, starting with the eyes. If you look at the right eye of both (which is on our left) they are a spot-on match. The nose also matches very well, and so does the mouth and the chin. Add the match of the right ear (on our left) and the length and breadth of the neck, and it's perfecto. 

Where is the dealbreaker? We're talking about the conceived idea (of some people) that that is two unrelated individuals, with totally different DNA. And they look that much alike? And I am very glad I did this because they are two very similar angular views, and notice on the right that Oswald's left ear is out of view, and that's because of the camera angle. Well, on Doorman also, his left ear is out of view. That big bulge on that side is part of the distortion. And, it is distortion that was caused by the insertion of the other guy (Black Tie Man) into the picture. And of course, that distortion also gouged out the lower part of Doorman's face on that side. Doorman really is quite the monstrosity. But, Oswald's face would overlay nicely on top of Doorman's face and define what is him and what is not him, what is distortion. And there is a lot of distortion there on the right side of Doorman's face as we look at it. 

Doorman is Oswald with the top of Lovelady's head replacing his. That is the simple truth, and now an undeniable fact. 

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