Monday, January 11, 2016

I mentioned that in this picture, Oswald had to be already shot. That's because he's already grimacing and cringing from being shot. He's not acting, is he? Therefore, he was already shot.

However, I also pointed out that there isn't the tiniest hint of any trauma, any disruption, any damage to Oswald. He looks perfectly intact. Therefore, we have to assume that his forearm and hand are covering up the entire area of damage. And we have to assume that if he hadn't moved his forearm up there as he did that we would see the area of damage. In a word: we would see the entry wound. 

But, it follows from that that if he took his arm away that we would see the entry wound. 

Well, in this image, his arm is away.

There is still no sign of any disruption. Even if you think blood would be indistinguishable in grey-scale from the color of his sweater, it still seems like we ought to see something. But wait. There is this image, and could it be an entrance wound?

That mark over the white does look like it's in about the right spot, but what is the whiteness? Is that a towel or rag or compress that someone put over the wound? Through the sweater? They just put it down over the sweater? For what purpose? How was it going to help? 

That's his left side, the side on which he was shot. 
Here is an image of Oswald's entrance wound.

So yes, it does appear to be the correct location:

But, in the other image, the white was over his right side.

Above, where the man in the light suit has his hand, is where there is white in the other pic.

Here is it is closer:

Again, look at the hand of the man on the right side. There appears to be no whiteness there except above it, but that's the side with the whiteness in the other picture.

So, in the above picture, what is the whiteness? If that's also a rag, what's it doing there? He wasn't shot on that side. Is it supposed to be the shirt beneath his sweater? But look again at the other one.

So, he's got a towel or clothe of some kind over his sweater on the side of the wound. On the other side, there is a blanket or something covering his lower right side. Or is it a man's jacket? And the hand is holding it down. But, it's a far cry different from this:

I don't know what that towel was doing there because he wasn't shot on that side. Then, there is this image.

That white is supposed what? His shirt? Is that what we're looking at? But, that's his right side, and it's left side that he got shot. But, of what we can see of his left side, we don't see any disruption; we don't see any blood; we don't see any wound; we don't see any damage. There is no hole in him or in the sweater. 

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