Tuesday, January 5, 2016

If you look closely, you can see that Lovelady's shirt had the same vertical stripes on the sleeve as the shirt he posed in for the FBI three months later I have marked them Red White Red.

And note that the darker stripes are wider than the white stripe.

And that's exactly how it is on Lovelady's posing shirt.

Now, that' either the same shirt or it's an amazing coincidence that there was a guy there in the spot where Lovelady said he was at the time who physically looks consistent with and well conformed to Lovelady and is wearing a short that eerily matches Lovelady's posing shirt which he said that he wore on 11/22.

But, I don't believe in JFK coincidences. What I believe in is JFK blood-incidences.  Not coincidences but blood-incidences.  Big difference.

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