Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And why exactly is the Couch Lovelady so poor? It was taken by a professional, commercial photographer, Malcolm Couch to broadcast, I believe for ABC. Even by 1960s standards, it's awful. 

But, it is what it is, and it still contains some useful information- enough to determine that he is Billy Nolan Lovelady. 

And he is certainly not consistent with Doorman, Gorilla Man, DeNiro, or any of the other disparate Loveladys. 


If only it was just these four who have to be Lovelady on 11/22/63. But, there's more.

They all, by necessity, have to be Lovelady on 11/22/63 or the official story collapses. 

That's all of them in both collages have to be Lovelady on the same day. Get it?

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