Sunday, January 10, 2016

I'm a little surprised. I thought that Backes would have given some bull shit reason why he's entitled to ask people for money, why he of all things deserves to be their object of their charity. 

But no, he didn't offer any reason. He just said that has a donate button. 
That's it! Backes is just a beggar, without apology or explanation. 

I'm going to tell you something, Backshit: there are no double standards. Anyone who puts up a donate button just to get money is a dirtbag.  You don't even provide a basis for why YOU should be considered a charity case- and why anyone's limited charitable resources should be directed towards you. YOU?  For what? For what reason? On what basis?  

I have to wonder: is there anyone alive who would see that "PLEASE HELP JOE" sign and respond to it? Help him? Joe has a full-time county job with benefits. Joe has no family to support. Joe is not handicapped or physically impaired. So, on what basis is he justified in asking for handouts? 

Joe offered $500 to the winner of a contest he conceived of to construct another website to mock me. As far as I know, nobody won because nobody did it. 

But nevertheless, he's got a spare $500 for that, but yet, he needs handouts? 

What a disgrace. And again: he doesn't even specify what help Joe needs. Maybe he should amend it.

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