Sunday, January 10, 2016

Now, as for Backes' criticisms of my latest work concerning the murder of Oswald:

Yes, I know others have held the Dallas Police responsible before, but what I did was lay out a detailed analysis of what happened laying out how ridiculous the whole spectacle was and how untenable the behaviors and reactions were. There is a lot of original content in what I wrote.

It's not the general idea that I take credit for, but the specific content of what I wrote. 

And, I provided an image of Oswald glancing at Ruby before he got shot:

Backes, the finding of that image has more value than all of the JFK research you have done in your life. Finding that image exceeds everything you have ever done. Did you ever post that image before? Did you ever discuss it before? Of course not.

Theater? That's a new term for you? It's a reference to military theater, theater of operation. With all the warnings the Dallas Police were issuing about a feared attack on Oswald, that made this a war zone, a theater of operation. They were operating- tactically- in that theater. Was it too much to expect them to actually scan it?

Don't make excuses for them, Backes. You don't have to be Rambo to realize that looking for threats and scanning the entire area from which they can come  is what you need to do. 

And I know CNN didn't exist in 1963, but CNN is the one who edited their video. They chose what to include and what to cut out. All of these PD footages are patchworks, and no two are the same. They're all spliced, diced, and strung together, and the way CNN did it was particularly offensive. As soon as Oswald was shot, that's the last they showed of him or even said about him. And yes, I know that we know what happened to Oswald, but still: it would have been nice if CNN had at least pretended that people there at the time cared about what happened to Oswald and tried to help him.

Oswald reportedly had the largest artery and the largest vein in his body cut by the bullet, and doctors said he had 0 (that's zero) blood pressure when he reached the hospital, but this is Backes' idea of bleeding from such a trauma:

Actually, that's just Backes' footprints from where he was panhandling. 

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