Monday, January 4, 2016

No, Backes. I'm talking about the whole film. The whole film, Three Shots That Changed America was removed from Youtube, where it was unavailable on Youtube. And then it, the whole film, came back, and when it did, the Lovelady clip within the film was vastly changed: it was shorter, faster, and Lovelady was slimmer.

Backes, I know you're stupid, but try to concentrate. I showed you what the original clip looked like. Now, this gif is a little slower than the speed the movie goes, but only a little.  

Well, here's the film. Go to 38 minutes and 20 seconds and watch the clip, all 2 seconds of it:

They edited it, shortened it, sped it up, and provided just the most fleeting glimpse of the slenderized Lovelady. 

That's what they did during the time that the film was unavailable on Youtube.

They definitely changed it. They definitely edited it. Are you denying it? You idiot. You can't!

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