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This, by John Pesa, is fascinating. It's a list of links between the Paines and Allen Dulles. Anyone who thinks the Paines weren't dirty has not been paying attention. 

Links of Allen Dulles to Michael and Ruth Paine.  Please add to the list or add detail.  

1. George DeMohrenshildt

Allen Dulles worked with George's brother Dimitri in the Radio Free Europe post WWII Cold War Propaganda.  Also Dimitri VonMohrenshildt worked with Allen Dulles in the National Committee for a Free Europe (see Russ Baker, Family of Secrets).

Allen Dulles was very close with George H.W. Bush as was George DeMohrenshildt (who had George H.W. Bush's contact information in his wallet when he committed suicide).

George DeMohrenshildt met with the CIA's Thomas Devine who worked for a CIA Bank, Train and Cabot.  Thomas Devine was a close friend of George H.W. Bush.  John Train was deeply involved in CIA Affairs, and Francis Cabot, his partner was related to the Paine's. Thomas Devine's involvement with both George DeMohrenshildt and Train and Cabot surrounded the Haitian operation code named WUBRINY.

2.  The Osborns

The character witnesses of the Paine's during the Warren Commission were the Osborns.  Their father, Frederick Osborn was a leader in the American Eugenics Society.  The Dulles Family was also very active in the American Eugenics Society. Frederic Sr, also worked with Allen Dulles in the organization of the National Committee for a Free Europe.  (see George Michael Evica, A Certain Arrogance)

3.  Dr. H. Warner Kloepfer, PhD 

Ruth Paine introduced Lee Harvey Oswald to Dr. H. Warner Kloepfer, PhD.  Like Frederick Osborn, Dr. Kloepfer was a leader in the American Eugenics Society alongside both Dulles Brothers, the Rockefellers, etc.

4.  The World Federalist Organization: Cord Meyer as well as Priscilla Johnson McMillan
Ruth Forbes Paine was active in the World Federalist Organization with Cord Meyer (a protege of Allen Dulles). E. Howard Hunt named Cord Meyer as the individual who coordinated much of the JFK Assassination. Priscilla Johnson McMillan met Lee Harvey Oswald in Russia and interviewed him.  Priscilla Johnson McMillan reappeared after the Assassination to befriend Marina Oswald.  There was a CIA file on Priscilla Johnson McMillan stating that she might be valuable for essentially writing propaganda pieces.

5.  Mary Bancroft

Ruth Forbes Paine (Michael's mother) was best friends with Mary Bancroft (a woman who worked with the CIA and was Allen Dulles's mistress during WWII).

6.  United Fruit Company

The United Fruit Company was led by the Paine's uncle during the time when Allen and John Foster Dulles were on the Board of the United Fruit Company.  The Headquarters of the United Fruit Company was a block or two from Guy Bannister's office in New Orleans. Many of the leaders in the United Fruit Company also held leadership positions in the American Eugenics Society.

7.  The Quakers

Allen Dulles and the intelligence agencies used groups like environmental groups and religious groups as fronts to plant agents or assets in.  Allen Dulles worked with Herbert and his son Noel Field.  According to George Michael Evica in his work A Certain Arrogance...:

"But Allen Dulles did not forget the pragmatic utility of religious charity organizations like the Quakers as cover for intelligence activity.  And he would not forget the Field Family, especially one of Herbert Field's young sons, Noel Field whom he met in Zurich in 1918.  Herbert Field's Quaker-based network in World War I became the foundation for Allen Dulles' Second World War spy operation, and Noel helped run it."

8.  William Avery Hyde, USAID

Ruth Hyde Paine's father, William Avery Hyde met with George DeMohrenshildt in Haiti: according to researcher John Dolva (ED Forum)":

Set up accounts? Could you elaborate, I find this interesting. Also if there was ever an area that should be looked into it concerns Ruth Paine and the 'Hyde' connection. As you may or may not know, Ruth Paine's genealogy is tied to the Hyde family. When George DeMohrenschildt met with Clemard Charles in Haiti with William Avery Hyde, of the Agency for International Development [CIA SSD-157,435] 

"...[NARA CIA 1993.07.08.09.:07:31:900520]

On March 1, 1964, FBI S.A. Charles M. Beall, Jr., ascertained at CIA that its security and foreign indices did not contain any references identifiable with Michael Ralph Paine. CIA advised its only reference to Ruth Avery Hyde, nee Hyde, was set out in CIA Report prepared in 1957 on William Avery Hyde, father of Ruth. This CIA material was furnished the Bureau via Liaison on December 4, 1963, with request the CIA material not be inserted in the Bureau reports. Dallas is cognizant." [FBI 105-1717-225 - Hosty's name on the "Searched, Indexed, Serialized and Filed April 19, 1964, FBI - Dallas" stamp on this document.] HEMMING told this researcher: "He was covering his ass."

The FBI reported: "On December 4, 1963, CIA made available information to the Bureau Liaison that in 1957 CIA considered using this individual to operate a cooperative educational center in Vietnam but he was not used by the CIA. Investigation by CIA at that time concerning William Avery Hyde was favorable.""

The USAID has been known to be a CIA front.

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