Sunday, January 3, 2016

Of course, there are all kinds of disparities between those two cuffs. Lovelady's cuff had two white lines going around and a third one that was perpendicular to the other two, all missing from Doorman's cuff.


Nothing at all corresponds between the two of them. They are different cuffs; different shirts; different men.

But, I want to thank Patrick Jackson for acknowledging his mistake about the toupee. Hey, we're all going to make mistakes sometimes, and it's OK. We just have to control the damage by acknowledging it, adjusting our perspective, and then moving on. The worst thing we can do is cling to an error in a futile effort to save face.

Here's what we know about the whole situation with Lovelady and his shirt.

1. He definitely wore the short-sleeved, striped shirt. TWICE, the FBI put it in writing that he said it. And they photographed him in that shirt WITH IT UNBUTTONED in which he was posing as Doorman. WHY WOULD HE DO THAT IF IT WASN'T THE SAME SHIRT? 

2. He was even filmed in that shirt seconds after the assassination where it is plainly short-sleeved.


3. Therefore, it means that EVERY image of Lovelady in a plaid shirt on 11/22/63 MUST be fake. 

Now, the only difference I have with Patrick, is that he thinks the fake Loveladys were actually there on 11/22/63, and I don't.  But, I don't consider it a fatal difference. I would welcome him in the Oswald Innocence Campaign even with that belief. But, I have already provided reasons why the clips of Lovelady in plaid can't be real. Not just not him but not authentic clips from 11/22/63. For the Gorilla Man clip to be real, it would mean that they had to have not only a Lovelady double there on 11/22/63, but also a Bonnie Ray Williams double (since he too is in it when he couldn't be since he was trapped inside the building). And the same is true of Danny Arce. They couldn't have doubles of all of them there on 11/22/63.  

And regarding the squad room scene, you have no idea what we've been through. I bought the History Channel DVD, Three Days That Changed America, which came out in 2009. It shows a muscular, burly, very beefy Lovelady. But afterwards, somebody realized that, one; he was too muscular to be Lovelady. Lovelady was stocky at the time, but this guy looks like an Olympic power lifter. And two, and worse: he doesn't look like anyone who could be mistaken for skinny Oswald. 

So, they realized that that was a mistake, so they had to slim him down, and they did:

I guarantee you that how it looks on the right is how it was in the original. The guy on the left is how they tried to fix him. 

And, this was done in the 21st century! So, they are STILL altering images from the JFK assassination in the 21st century.

It's fake. Nobody was at that desk. They tried it one way. Then they tried it another way. It is all fake. Completely, totally fake.

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