Sunday, January 3, 2016

That's it; talk amongst yourselves. Don't even respond to my stuff. This is between me and Patrick Jackson.

So, here's the original Lovelady from Three Days film compared to Oswald.

So, the story has to be that that thick, muscular guy was mistaken- by people from all over the world- as Lee Harvey Oswald. He was in the doorway, and people thought he was skinny Oswald. 

That guy is even too stocky to be Lovelady. 

On the left, Lovelady was weighed and measured by the FBI in Feb 1964: 5'8" 170 pounds. But, look at the arm on that guy on the right. He's got to be 200 pounds or more. 

And notice something else: Lovelady said in 1976 that he had a crewcut at the time of the assassination. We're all agreed on that now, right? Well, look at this guy. Does he look like he's got a crewcut to you?

All honest persons will agree that he can't be Lovelady, and he can't be the man in the doorway either. He's way too stocky. Doorman and Oswald look to be exactly the same size.

And then you've got this other figure of Lovelady at the desk who looks nothing like the Herculean guy; in fact, he looks the opposite of Herculean. He looks nerdy and unfit.


He's supposed to be the same guy at the same moment as Charles Atlas Lovelady. They don't even have their shirts arranged the same. Does he too have a crewcut? 

It all conflicts because it is all fake. They concocted the ruse of Lovelady in the Squad room in the late 1970s, and they've been tweaking it ever since; repeatedly trying to improve it to make it credible. And at this point, there are so many different versions of it, it's like a circus.  Or maybe I should say carnival; the Lovelady carnival. 

It's all fake. He wasn't there. He admitted repeatedly that the last time he saw Oswald was when they broke for lunch. It's just big huge lie; a big huge fraud. 

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