Thursday, January 7, 2016

Patrick, I remind you that for a very long time, you said that the word Lovelady said was "toupee". I tried to tell you that it was "crewcut" but you refused to listen. But, I kept at it, and I told you to go back and actually listen to it again. Finally, you did, and you realized that I was right. So, are you going to do it all over again?

This is from the video that you put up. Observe that the photographer had to be way behind the big cop and Oswald, and there are quite a few others between him and them. And note the time: 31:51.

So, you see the time, and you see that the photographer was way behind the big cop. WAY BEHIND, WAY BEHIND, WAY BEHIND, WAY BEHIND. But now look:


Look at the time, Patrick. It's exactly the same. So, it was within the exact same second, and yet, the photographer was in position to capture the face of the big cop?

Alright, so now you KNOW that it's fake, that there is no way that that could be continuous footage shot by the same guy with the same camera.

That was a splice, Patrick, and whoever took it was in a different location than the original guy. And yet, they are passing it off as continuous footage by one guy.

So, there is no doubt that it's fake. Are you satisfied?

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