Friday, January 1, 2016

So, Lovelady said that he had a crewcut. Now, that's a problem, but not for us. For one, nobody at the time ever said that Lovelady had a crewcut. For two, in all the years that I've been doing this, which is now 5 years, nobody but nobody has ever said that Doorman has a crewcut. But wait. It's worse than that. Does this Lovelady look like he's got a crewcut?

And notice that he's got a full beard, which is why Brooten kept asking Lovelady when he last shaved. And Lovelady said the night before. I guess his beard grew fast.

But, moving on, does this Lovelady look like he has a crewcut?

I know he looks 46 when he should look 26, but still, he's supposed to be Lovelady. And what he's got is not a crewcut but a combover. That's right. Wrong c. Not crewcut but combover.

And does this guy look like he's got a crewcut?

That's a comb-back. He's got his hair combed straight back. And that's why we call him DeNiro Lovelady.

Of course, the real DeNiro has a lot more hair, but neither one has a crewcut. 

And here's what an actor with a crewcut looks like:

So, that's why Lovelady claiming he had a crewcut is a problem. But, don't assume that he actually had a crewcut. There's this thing people do. It's called lying. What he really had was very little hair on top.

Does that look like a crewcut to you? Mark Lane doesn't lie. 

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