Friday, January 1, 2016

Fratini, Lovelady was part of the same group that Shelley and Williams were in. So, why would they separate Lovelady out and stick him in the Squad room of the homicide detectives? And that desk he was supposedly at wasn't really a desk. It was more of a supply table, and right in front of it was the lane of traffic. It was very small, very crowded, and there was no way the big cop and Oswald could have gotten by if Lovelady was sitting there. 

And why would they do it? How can you ask that? It's because they needed to showcase the plaid shirt. Lovelady first said that he wore a short-sleeved striped shirt, and the FBI put it in writing TWICE. They also photographed Lovelady in that shirt- with the buttons undone, in which he was obviously posing as Doorman. Why would he do that unless it was the same clothes? 

So, after all that, somebody realized that just retracting it all wasn't gong to cut it. The only way to salvage the situation was to come up with images of Lovelady in a plaid shirt. So, they went in the movie business. And they went overboard. They did it repeatedly- with different figures.

Does that look like 26 year old Billy Lovelady? Rephrase: Does that look like 26 year old anybody? Does it look like the same man as Gorilla Man?

Because I've got to tell you honestly: I don't think those two are the same guy. I don't think they are remotely the same. And neither one of them was Billy Lovelady.

It's all smoke and mirrors. And the official story on this is in full-blown hemorrhage. 

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