Saturday, January 9, 2016

So, this is Lovelady, huh? Well, if he's Lovelady, he's not just Lovelady. He's the guy whose children upon seeing this guy...

thought he was their daddy.

"Daddy! Daddy! What are they doing to my daddy? He didn't do anything. Let him go! He's my daddy! I want my daddy back!"

And then when Daddy got home in the late afternoon, it was such a relief.

"Daddy! "Daddy! It's so good to see you. We saw this man on tv, and he looked so much like you. We really thought he was you."

"It was incredible, Daddy. The two of you look so much alike."

"I'm just glad you are not that bad man even though you look so much alike." 

Stories. Do you like stories? Do you believe stories? Do you believe the stories the State tells you? How do you decide whether to believe? OR, do you just believe? Do you just believe whatever the State tells you? 

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