Sunday, January 10, 2016

I believe the Dallas Police Department needs to be held responsible for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. Here's why:

1. There was absolutely no reason to announce the jail transfer in advance and turn it into a media event. It had no bearing on the course of the case. It was just a perfunctory, procedural thing- to move him. They could have done it in the dead of night and just announced the next day that Oswald had been moved. 

2. It was widely admitted that Dallas Police were concerned that there could be an attack on Oswald. And that reverts back to the first point: then why make a media event out of transferring him from one jail to another jail when there was no need to? 

If you listen to the radio broadcasts from that morning, prior to the transfer, they were all about how concerned the Dallas Police were that someone might try to attack Oswald. Well, if they were so concerned, why wasn't every precaution taken to protect him?

3. The two detectives who escorted Oswald both kept their eyes peeled straight ahead during the transfer; they did not look around; they did not scan the theater they were in for threats.

Jim Leavelle was looking to his right as Ruby approached, which was the one direction from which an attack could not possibly come, unless someone was going to come bursting through the wall.

So, there's Ruby; you can see his arm. That was the only direction from which an attack could come. But, Jim Leavelle is looking in the exact opposite direction. He is looking down and to his right. So, maybe he thought someone was going to burst through the floor if not through the wall. 

Again, they said repeatedly and all morning long how concerned they were that there was going to be an attack. So, why wouldn't his eyes be scanning the field from which an attack could come? Don't they teach you that at military school that when in a hostile or potentially hostile theater, that you have to monitor the entire theater, including every direction from which an attack can come?

What was the purpose of having those men against the wall? I've been to weddings with far less pomp and fanfare than this. But notice that both of the police escorts as well as Oswald are looking straight head. An attack would have to come from their left. It's the only direction it could have come from. So, how is it that not one of them is looking in that direction? The guy on our right seems to be looking down. How smart do you have to be to know that you need to visually capture as much of the field as you can, and to keep your eyes moving as you scan for danger? They never did that. 

4. Even when Jack Ruby had his gun in Oswald's belly, the two detectives still did not move their eyes.

Both are still looking down. And even Oswald himself seems to be looking down. Were they all ordered to look down? It seems like a strange coincidence if they all spontaneously did that. But, the very movement of Ruby should have triggered a glance. How could he get that close to Oswald without either cop responding? Without either cop showing any sign of awareness of his presence? I am also surprised that Oswald did not glance his way. 

Then Ruby makes his shot and winds up directly in front of Oswald.

Then Oswald drops like a stone, and a scuffle ensues as the cops try to subdue Ruby.

That's Fritz there with his arms out to indicate surprise and startle, but notice that he still hasn't turned around. Doesn't it seem like by then he ought to be turned and facing the action?

4. The rest of this CNN tape, and I'll give you the link again, is just proof what twisted mudderplucks those CNN people are. In a situation like that, what would be foremost on your mind? What would you want to find out more than anything else? How about: What happened to the guy who got shot? It wouldn't be Ruby because you know what happened to him; he got apprehended, etc. Your biggest interest, as a human being, would be: what happened to the guy who got shot? What was his condition? And what was being done to try to help him, to try to save him? Well, believe it or not, the rest of this tape by CNN doesn't show a damn thing about it. We don't see Oswald again; we don't see anyone tending him; it's all a blank. It's wild; it's pandemonium. Men are talking about what happened, confirming that Oswald was shot, but you see no one tending to Oswald and no one asks about his condition or reports about it. No one even asks whether he is alive or dead! It is unbefrickin'lievable. And this is a tape that was edited by CNN.

5. And finally (for now), we know that they eventually got Oswald to the hospital but not until an ambulance got there, which took a while. But, they had a transfer vehicle there already to take Oswald to the other jail. So, why didn't they just put him in it, since it was there and ready to go, and race him to the hospital?

They got Oswald a stretcher. One guy is holding Oswald's right elbow, while another is clutching his left hand. Question: how come no blood. Nobody saw any blood, and no picture of the scene shows any blood. They later said that Oswald's aorta was ruptured. That's the biggest artery in your body. And arterial blood is under pressure, an average of 120 mm mercury pressure when the heart is contracting. So, shouldn't there have been some blood leaking out of him? Why is Oswald's hand making a fist. He's unconscious, right? So, why is his hand in a fist?

That looks like a real fist. He's got his thumb pressed to his index finger, and all his fingers are curled. He was stone-cold out at that time, right? Wasn't he comatose? So, in that condition, he was maintaining a fist? 

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