Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The OIC's first new senior member in the year 2016 is Dr. David Alexander, a chiropractor. 

David has been giving me support on Facebook for quite some time. He is well aware that Oswald was framed and innocent and standing in the doorway at the time of the shots. And David is now the third person with a background in Chiropractic to join the OIC, the other two being myself and Dr. Thomas Halle. If you are wondering how many MDs we have, the answer is: three. 

I think it's valuable to have doctors in the group because there are "medical" issues involved, and I am using the term broadly. For instance: could JFK remain sitting and with intact neuromuscular function after having a fat bullet bore through his neck from back to front, turning him into a human donut? He was obviously in a lot of spasm, but the point is that his nerves weren't cut. If he really had a hole, a tunnel, in his neck going from back to front, he would never have been able to sit there like this:

He is obviously in a very alarmed state there, but his shoulder muscles on both sides are working; his arm muscles on both sides are working; and his spinal extensor muscles on both sides are working. Hence, no nerves got cut. And that seems impossible if a 6mm bullet bore through his neck. Obviously, if that had happened and it had gone right down the middle- through the spinal cord- he would have been dead. If not immediately dead, it certainly would have knocked him out. Maybe if he was lucky, he could have wound up like Christopher Reeve, but that would have been the best he could hope for. But, even if it missed the spinal cord, it still would have blown through spinal nerves, at least on one side. And then when you consider the swelling from the inflammatory process that would have followed, and the pressure that would have put on whatever nerves were left, he would have been a mess; gravely incapacitated. The idea that he could have gone on sitting there after such a trauma is preposterous. And I know there are people who say that he had a back brace holding him up, but forget it; he would have collapsed into the brace. Did the back brace hold him up after the fatal head shot?

Anyway, to discuss issues such as this is why having doctors, of various stripes, in the OIC is a very good idea: to consider the physiological and pathological ramifications of what happened and what we have been told. And no, JFK did NOT display a Thorburn position. That was a lie told by a corrupt MD by the name of John Lattimer. He wasn't even a neurologist; he was a urologist. It was an outrageous claim by a medical apologist for the official story, which is what Lattimer was.

We shall have to discuss these things, David. Welcome to the OIC.   

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