Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The stupid demonic Joseph Backes put up a video of the Lovelady walkby so that is so blurry, so bad, so grotesquely compromised, that one has to wonder why he put it up when there are better ones available. Here is a frame from it.

I didn't do that. That is exactly the way it is. This is what Backass wants you to look at it. It is supposed to be the same scene as this:

Of course, they slimmed him down, as I told you, and they blurred it up tremendously. They did that on purpose. But then, the big linebacker cop in back gets in the way. He serves a purpose too. He's like a curtain that comes down while they are changing the stage. So, here is when they are changing the clip, doing their bait and switch:

And then when he steps out of the way again, it's a different clip and a different man, a different Lovelady.

That is a different man. They are not remotely alike.

Two different men, with different builds, different weights, different hair, different shirt arrangements, and more. 

I have this bait and switch as a gif, and it isn't as bad as what Backes put up.

If that is all one film shot by one guy, why does it jump around so much? It was a small, cramped room.  How could he possibly have been jerking the camera like that? This whole clip has been splayed, spliced, and diced, probably more than any other clip ever was. There is no way it could have gone like that. And why does the lighting change so much? It goes from dark and shadowy to bright. In one small room? This is the merging of two versions of the Lovelady walkby, and the one that appears second is actually the one that was made first. You see the linebacker cop get in the way and block the screen, and when he steps aside, that Lovelady is actually the first Lovelady, the one that was first shown in 1977. The other Lovelady who came first didn't appear until 2009, as far as I know. 

I assume that the people who actually did this, who committed this film fraud, know about me and are following this blog. I have a message for them: I am on to you. And you know that I am on to you. You should also know that I consider you to be accessories after the fact in the murder of John F. Kennedy. Know also that you are NOT getting away with it. More and more people are finding out about this- more with each passing day. You are never going to win; you've already lost. And morons like Backes can't save you or even help you. He's only making it worse.

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