Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thurman, that footage was supposedly taken on 11/22/63. Do you know when it first surfaced? 1977 during the HSCA. 

I assume that you are new. But, there is a big backstory here which I presume you don't know about. 

It started in 1966 when Harold Weisberg made a stink about the fact that the FBI put in writing to the Warren Commission that Lovelady stated that he wore a red and white vertical striped shirt and blue jeans. Twice they put it in writing. And Harold published the pictures of Lovelady posing in that outfit for the FBI with the buttons undone and the shirt spread apart, where he was posing as Doorman. Why would he do that if he wasn't wearing the same clothes? What would be the point?


The response to that was the discovery in 1966 of the Gorilla Man clip, where Lovelady is seen milling around outside the TSBD 20 minutes after the assassination, and he's wearing a long-sleeved plaid shirt. Except the guy wasn't Lovelady, and the clip was faked.

Likewise, the clip of Lovelady at the desk in the squad room was faked. It was done for the same reason- to display Lovelady in a plaid, longsleeved shirt, one that could be equated to Doorman's. It's ridiculous because Doorman's shirt is NOT plaid or even close to being plaid. But, plaid is what they decided to call it. 

So, to answer your question, it wasn't done to show Mr. Lovelady at police headquarters. It was done to show Mr. Lovelady's shirt at police headquarters. It was all about his shirt. It was only for his shirt. It was just him modelling his shirt.

There are many incredulities about the squad room scene which are laid out on the Lovelady page of the OIC website.

Are you an Oswald defender or an Oswald accuser? If you're an Oswald accuser, I know I'm wasting my time.  But, if you are an Oswald defender- if you know Oswald was framed and innocent- then you should take a look at that with an open mind. 

It's only been a few days that I have become aware that in 1976, Lovelady answered a direct question to HSCA Attorney Ken Brooten which was: when was the last time you saw Oswald? And Lovelady said it was at the TSBD when they broke for lunch at 11:50. He said nothing about seeing Oswald at the Dallas PD. His wife was there too, and she said nothing about it. And she was interrupting at times to add her two cents. Never did either of them ever claim anything about his having a squad room encounter with Oswald. 

The conspirators faked it Thurman. How sure am I? 100% sure. I would bet my life on it.  

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