Friday, January 8, 2016

Why does Joseph Backes beg for money?

Is he not an able-bodied adult? Is he not capable of meeting his own needs?

Does he incur expenses to blog? No, he does not. He does it on Blogger, which is free. You can blog as much as you want. He could do it all day and all night, 24/7, 365 days a year, and it wouldn't cost him a dime. 

So on what grounds, on what basis, is he begging for money?

And, how much could he be getting? I can't imagine it's very much. And I can't imagine it's enough to endure the disgrace and humiliation of going to people, hat in hand, begging for money.

I mean honestly: is it any different than just standing on a street corner begging for money? Panhandling? 

It's interesting that here in Austin, there is a lot of panhandling. At busy intersections, especially adjacent to nice shopping, you see people with signs asking for handouts. I say it's interesting because I don't see it everywhere. When I'm in California, I don't see it, and they have plenty of wealthy people there and also plenty of poor people there. So, I'm thinking it must be against the law there to panhandle and legal here. 

And contrary to what my detractors might think, I will sometimes reach in my pocket and make an offering. But, it depends. Do you know what it depends on? It depends on how healthy they look. If it's a guy who looks healthy and strong, I don't give. But, the last guy I gave to was on crutches with a missing leg- and I mean missing all the way up to his pelvis. So, I gave. 

So, what's Joe Backes' disability that he needs to beg? And the thing is: he has a job. He works for Albany County, New York as an archivist. He even got an article published in their newsletter. Something about Civil War artifacts. 

So, he has a job; he has income; he's not disabled, that is, not officially. He doesn't have starving kids to feed. He's not running a home for battered women. And he's not trying to save souls. So, what does he need handouts for?

Just imagine, if you will, if I put up a sign asking for donations. I would never do so, but imagine the denigrating and vilifying that would come my way, and not just from others, but from him, from Joseph Backes.  Does that sound hypocritical to you? But, hypocrisy isn't a problem for Joseph Backes, and that's because he's too stupid to recognize it when he practices it. 

Backes, there are lot of people really hurting, and there are are lot of causes in need of and worthy of support. But, you are not one of them. Take down that disgraceful request for money. Do it now. And if you don't, I will post this, and others like it, here and elsewhere, again and again, until you come to your senses and stop acting like a charity case. 

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