Friday, January 8, 2016

I have been on a quest to have these two images analyzed (by a computer program) to tell whether it's the same man at the same time and place or two different men.  

And unfortunately, most of the programs only work with frontal images. But, in contacting a company called Kairos

I actually got referred to their Chief Technology Officer, whose name is Cole Calistra. He explained to me how their program works and the reasons why it won't work for this, but he also referred me to another company which he thinks may have a program that will work.  And, I am pursuing that. 

But, before we finished, I asked him to render an opinion based just on eye-balling it. I pointed out that since he works with human images all day, he could certainly render an educated opinion. And this is what he said.

He obviously was under the impression that I wished for them to be the same man. Imagine that.  

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