Monday, January 11, 2016

Why would anyone just assume that this is blood?

It was reported as a spot on the floor inside where Oswald was moved to. 

So, they picked Oswald up and carried him inside but somehow that didn't get captured on video? 

And then when they got him inside, they just put him down on the floor? The hard, dirty, dusty floor where the soles of people's shoes make contact all the time? They couldn't find any other surface to put him? Not a couch, a cot, a pad, a blanket, or even a table? They just put him on the bare floor?   

Doesn't that look like it could be shoe prints? Why would it be blood from Oswald? If they lied him there, they lied him on his back, right? They didn't plop him down on his face, did they? So, if they lied him down on his back, why would blood get there? He was shot in front, wasn't he? And, blood coming out the entrance wound was the only way it could spread, right? And, if blood spread all the way from his front to his back, then he'd have to be a bloody mess, wouldn't he? But, he wasn't a bloody mess, was he? 

So, why would anyone just flat-out claim that this is Oswald's blood when not even the video claimed it?


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