Sunday, January 10, 2016

So, we assume that Ruby shot Oswald in the upper abdomen, and at the time, Oswald was not looking at him, although previously he was, and Oswald was clasping his hands, left over right.

That position of his hands was a favorite position of Oswald's, which he did in the doorway and at other times.

That's the exact same hand clasp. But, getting back to the fatal shot.

We start with the bizarre circumstance of all these men standing there oblivious to Ruby. Not one person in the scene acts like he has any awareness of what is going on, including three men who are very close to Ruby. And the result is this:

Oswald's right hand is cuffed to Leavelle's, but his left hand is free. However, his left arm is being held by the other detective, L C Graves. Now, that image must have occurred AFTER the shot because Oswald is reacting to being shot. Right? Anyone want to argue with that? So, we have to assume that Oswald reacted by bending his elbow and raising his arm all the way to his chest, and that Graves' grip did not hamper him from doing that. Every honest person will have to admit that there is not the slightest sign of trauma to Oswald at this point. No signs of a gunshot wound are evident or visible, and it has to mean that Oswald's arm is covering up all any and all signs of it. 

I do not know why this man would want to pose with these pictures when he failed at his job; he failed to protect Oswald.

It's good to watch this Russian version because it shows more than the CNN version.

You see Oswald glancing at Ruby at 5:21. 

Immediately after that, Ruby makes his move; he dashes in. And it appears that he moves in front of Graves, but Graves does not react. And Oswald does not look at him either. Ruby shoots Oswald on a diagonal but keeps moving forward. 

Here's another great shot of Oswald being shot. Look at those eyes.

Wow. I would have to say that that is the most intense look on Oswald's face that we have seen. He really looks afraid there, like he knows something ominous is about to happen. But yet, he is not looking at Ruby. He was looking at him a moment before, but here, he just looks intense and worried, like he's waiting for a gun to go off, but he's not looking at the gun or at Ruby. You show me any other picture of Oswald in which he looks as intense and riveted as this. Look at those eyes. 

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