Friday, January 8, 2016

Now, the story of the other version is even worse from the standpoint of behaviors. The big cop and Oswald are just trudging along, seemingly into the wall, with no intention of ever turning even though they are already past the desk. And Lovelady is frozen like a statue. He is looking away from Oswald, just staring into space, showing no interest at all, like he is completely divorced from the situation. He never so much as flinches. 

And why would the photographer have aimed his camera like this? There's only one person there who really matters and that's Oswald. So, wouldn't he be straining to capture Oswald and not these other people? And what about the editor? If anything was going to be cut out, why not all this trudging along where we can barely see Oswald? So, all of the behaviors are wrong: the big cop's, Lovelady's, the photographer's, the editor's. It's all nonsensical and ridiculous. 

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