Monday, January 4, 2016

I'm reviled by people like you, and I'm loved by people like me. It's as simple as that, Chapman. And if I were not reviled by people like you, I would know that I was doing something wrong.

There are two kinds of people who are fighting this: there are some who are knowingly lying, and there are some who are deluding themselves because they just can't face the ugly truth that Oswald was just a patsy, and the shadow government killed Kennedy. Which you are, I honestly don't know.

In 1967, Patricia Lovelady called Harold Weisberg to plead her case that her Billy wore a plaid shirt and was the man in the doorway. Harold Weisberg wisely responded by pointing out that Doorman's shirt isn't plaid, but that seemed to go over her head. But, she never said a word about her husband being captured in any film. She didn't mention Gorilla Man from the so-called Martin film, and she didn't mention the Squad room scene either. And remember that Lovelady would have seen the cameramen there; they were all in the same room as him. So he would have known that he was filmed. 

There had to be a lot of communicating going on. The people involved had to know where Oswald was being taken. So, if they knew that Oswald was being led to that Squad room, where there was no outlet; where it was a dead end; where all those people in that procession were going to have to turn around and go out exact the same way they came in, reversing the caravan, why would they stick Lovelady in that room, knowing what was coming there, the veritable herd that was descending on that tiny, little, cramped, closed cubbyhole?  What did they need to have Lovelady there for? There was nothing special or important about him. So, why would they separate him from Shelley and Williams and the others who were brought there just to give a statement? Why would they put Lovelady right in the center of that cauldron?

Besides his wife, how come nobody else who knew Lovelady said that he spoke of his close encounter with Oswald at the Dallas PD? How come Buell Frazier, Danny Arce, Roy Lewis and others never claimed that Lovelady told them about it or that they heard about it from others? How come Joseph Ball of the Warren Commission never asked Lovelady about it? How come Ken Brooten of the HSCA never asked Lovelady about it? How come it was never mentioned by anybody until the late 1970s? And never was it ever mentioned by Lovelady or his chatty wife.    

It makes no sense. It isn't plausible. It isn't real. It didn't happen. And it's just one of many outrageous lies and fabrications that were concocted to sell the official story of the JFK assassination. But, it's over now; it's crushed. And it ain't never coming back.  

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